Shooting Stars above Paris 2018 - The Key Paris

One of the most stunning events in the stargazer's calendar is the annual Perseids meteor shower!

The 2018 Perseids will peak on the night of August 12 and early morning hours of August 13. A New Moon creates dark skies and excellent conditions to see the shooting stars.

While the skies are lit up several times a year by other meteor showers, the Perseids are widely sought after by astronomers and stargazers. This is because, at its peak, one can see 60 to 100 meteors in an hour from a dark place.

The best time to view the Perseids, and most other meteor showers, is when the sky is the darkest. Most astronomers suggest that depending on the Moon’s phase, the best time to view meteor showers is right before dawn.

While you can easily see a shooting star with the naked eye just looking straight up, the table below shows the exact direction of the Perseids from your location.

Look for a great place in the park and enjoy the heavenly spectacle.

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