ESOF 18 - Strasbourg - Palais De La Musique Et Des Congrès

After the three editions taking place in Leuven, Strasbourg, with the Orchestre Universitaire de Strasbourg, will be hosting ESOF’18 with many orchestras coming from all over Europe!

Orchestras will perform concerts in different places around the city and we will organize many events during the festival.

To be continued...

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11 Kev Adams "sois 10 ans" @Strasbourg
Le - De 20h00 à 23h00

1 Kev Adams - Strasbourg
Le - De 20h00 à 22h30

1 Haroun @Strasbourg
Le - De 20h00 à 23h00
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06 Jui
Erage - Ecole Des Avocats Du Grand-Est