Expedition Yachting - Monaco Explorations & Triton Submarines - Yacht Club De Monaco


De 19h00 à 22h00

Yacht Club De Monaco

Quai Louis Ii
98000 Monaco
In recent years, a growing number of Owners have shown a desire to go off the beaten track and explore new unique places. A niche in our sector for “Explorer Yachts” has risen. Instead of cruising the usual popular destinations, these yachts go on expeditions, sometimes to very remote and breath-taking regions of our planet. Some go hunting for treasures and shipwrecks, others explore for science, to help understand and protect our environment.

To better understand this trend, we are pleased to be hosting Monaco Explorations Mr. François Fiat (owner of YERSIN) and Triton Submarines, who will share with us their experience of yachting, beyond the yachting world we are accustomed to.

Where: Yacht Club De Monaco, Great Hall (entrance on the quay-level)
When: Thursday 9th November 2017
Time: 19:00 (sharp) - 21:00
Cost: Free for YPY members, €20 for non-members

This will be a sell-out event. RSVP obligatory to attend. Spaces are limited.

Learn more:
Monaco Explorations: http://monacoexplorations.org/tag/expedition/
Triton Submarines: http://tritonsubs.com


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