Hermès Winter Collection - Yacht Club De Monaco


De 11h00 à 13h00

Yacht Club De Monaco

Quai Louis Ii
98000 Monaco
For the 3rd Winter auction, Hermès Vintage returns to the Principality with exceptional pieces made from rare leathers or exotic skins.

Cherry red, Scheherazade pink, Clémence Menthe, peacock or storm blue are just some of the colours to illuminate this unforgettable auction.

This event hosted in the Principality is the occasion to gather together the ultimate, top of the line from the celebrated brand. Indeed, the most emblematic bags such as the Birkin, Kelly, Constance and the Plume are offered in unique versions, most of them issued from private orders that will undoubtedly surprise international collectors and passionate enthusiasts, seeking the rare gem amongst this prestigious set.

More information : http://bit.ly/2zcomzs

Browse the catalog : http://bit.ly/2CM4YIT

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