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La Parisienne Paris

8 Boulevard de la Madeleine
75009 Paris

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AUGUST : La Parisienne will be open EVERY Tuesday, it’s summer time let’s party hard ?

It's getting bigger every Tuesday, thanks to you ?

The Fight Club of La Parisienne keeps surprising you with new shows, guests, challengers and surprises every week!

It's always crazy, it's always sold out, DON'T MISS THE NEXT ONE ?

Are you ready for Tuesday? Round 17 is coming!
Let's party even HARDER ?

Music by :


Already 10 years of craziness, and we've started this season with a lot of surprises and many more to come !
So get on the ring for your favorite party of the week! ?

No dancefloor, just a boxing ring and an unprecedented scenography, far beyond all expectations…

People from various artistic circles coming up every week to defend themselves as the best "TURN UP" clans in the club!
Make sure to know the rules of Fight Club :

Rule number 1 : You do talk about Fight Club

Rule number 2 : You do talk about Fight Club. A lot.

Rule number 3 : If someone says « let’s turn up », then you better turn up right now.

Rule number 4 : Cool people are always welcome.

Rule number 5 : One drink at a time?

Rule number 6 : No dress code, just good vibes.

Rule number 7 : Party will go on as long as it has to.

Rule number 8 : If this is your first night at Fight Club, make it unforgettable.


Booking : +33 6 69 72 79 79
La Parisienne Paris
8 bd de la Madeleine 9e
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La Parisienne - Fight Club Edition

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