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Are you in love with the idea „united in diversity“? Do you have enough of populism and euro- skepticism without proper solution suggestions? Enjoy a challenge? Interested in spending an enriching intercultural experience? Creative and curious?
Europe’s future is a highly topical debate. The Commission presented its 5 future visions, Brexit, the integration of the Balkan countries is back on the agenda, Parliament just refused transnational lists and French president Macron invites all Member States to participate in a huge citizens’ consultation about their vision of Europe.
Join the Young Europeans in Paris and participate in our transactional Franco-German-polish project and discuss with us about the future of the European Union from an economic, political and cultural point of view. Our idea: to overcome national interest and stereotypes and finding a compromise, OneVison-OurVison of the EU of tomorrow.
The French team is hosting the German and polish team from may, 17th to 21st. We will not only write our vision paper, but discover the city and visit important French institutions. What is more, we will learn about ourselves, about the other and how we could create the European Union all together. So come and join #onevision.

If you want to take part, just aproach to your country's section!
We are waiting to see you in Paris!

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