Endoscopic Spine Surgery - Nouvelle Clinique Bel-Air

In 1993, Dr. Destandau designed the ENDOSPINE® instrument to apply the endoscopic technique to spinal surgery. The small size of the incision reduces muscle trauma and postoperative pain and facilitates a rapid resumption of activities.

Dr. Destandau has operated more than 10,000 Lumbar Disc Herniated patients using this technique, regardless of the level, position, migration of the hernia, and even if it is a recurrence.


Benefits of Endoscopic Surgery:

The average duration of hospitalization is 2 days
The resumption of the walk is immediate
No post-operative care: No drain nor sutures to remove
Fast recovery

Benefits of ENDOSPINE®:

The presence of the camera allows a very good viewing
The field of view is wide and direct, unlike any other minimally invasive techniques
This technique allows a reduction rate of infectious complications thanks to the instruments that never touch the skin
The small size of the scar is another aesthetic advantage

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