Underground Session # 4 - JOSY FULL VIBES - Contrast

Pour cette 4 ième édition des soirées underground session, A.C.P à le plaisir d'inviter pour la première fois et en exclusivité sur Dijon sans nul doute une des plus anciennes djettes de France mais aussi la reine de la bonne humeur pour un set de 2 heures. Son savoir faire mélangé à sa joie de vivre est tout simplement exemplaire: il s'agit de JOSY FULL VIBES.

Cette date anniversaire sera l'occasion d'accueillir une nouvelle recrue originaire de Saône et Loire qui assurera le warm up puis un membres de nos amis de l'asso Dijonnaise [Cohesion Sonore] qui se chargera de la clôture.

Comme à notre habitude, full système son ACP + CONTRAST réglé au top niveau pour cette excellente soirée en perspective ainsi qu'un visu assuré par Davibou d'A.C.P.
Retenez bien cette date dans votre agenda pour bien commencer votre week end du 13/14 avril.

► BOB◄ [ A.C.P.] ►► Mix electro/Minimal
► JOSY FULL VIBES ◄ [Radio Full Vibes] ►► Mix electro /house / techno

In 1976, i'm already in music and danse world through psychaledic funk movement and participate to danse contests supplied by our favourite Dj at that time "Sydney" who has been famous by a french television programm called "HipHop" in the early 80's.
Then from 1987 i started organise a few parties on barges in Paris where were mixed up theater, one man show, concerts, african 'contes' or exhibitions and then party time to the end of the night.
It's around 1989 that a new innovator musical stream, mixing acid and repetitive sounds appeared Techno music. When i met The Invaders i définitely choose for this new wave where all kind of music could melt without restraint, the only goal : dancing in oiginal vanues. From that moment, i'll never leave Techno scene and i organised a lot of events where the greatest artists started their carriers (Liza n Eliaz, Lenny Dee, Micropoint, Jenz, Yayo, Dj Rob, Manu le Malin, Laurent Ho, Josh, Heyoka, etc....). It's after watching them working that i cought the "Dex Virus" and learned a few mixing technics.
1992, The techno travellers "SPIRAL TRIBE" arrived in France. It was a decisive curve in my life. I've been immediately seducted by their life style and their psychedelic music with syncopated basses. You wanted to mix, you could mix, travelling with the sound system with yr tribe, sharing emotions through the music during free parties, opened to all and on Teknivals. For an artist, this direct contact with the public and his implication at all levels of organisation of the event are an enormous source of inspiration that brings a serious and excellent professionnal experience. Here started my Dj carrier that brought me to travell, with or without our sound system, in Europe, West Indies, Turkey, Poland, Tchek Republic, and all France untill today.
In 1995 our Association "Union Technologique" started created by Vincent. The aim being to promote and help artists from digital cultures. We decided to build a 5.000 K sound system and its crossover with which we have organised a lot of parties all over Europe under the name : "Full Vibes".
And of course, time passing, the mix, the mix, the mix on Free Parties and later around the 2000's, when the movment started to go back to the underground in clubs, festivals and indoor events. I started also to play additionally to Techno, some Drum n' Bass, ElectroBreak and Ragga. Then I met Mc Maya45, committed singer with her texts magnificently written, pointed me to work with machines giving a bigger creation freedom and the possibility of collaborations and fusions of styles.
in parallel we created an internet site called « CREATIONFORGE.COM » with Seb the musician and Vincent the brilliant computer specialist. It's an Electronic Music Download and Distribution Platform. We propose to Independant Artists and Labels to put their Catalog of original tracks, just coming out of the machines.... Underground Artists Community !
Our last project is a Web Radio called « radio.full-vibes.com » broadcasting Electronic Musics 24h/24 7/7. We are therefore pleased to present artists from around the world, making radio.full-vibes the one international meeting of the underground electronic music! The chatroom, operational throughout the duration of the live programs, which lets chat live with other artists and listeners, has already met with success because we are really spending good times!
I dedicated my life to music and sound and it gives me back lots !
I'd like to thank my 4 kids, My Vince, my family and all people (i can't quote them all, i could forget at lot...) that i met all along the way and that helped, supported, encouraged and bored as well (lol), during all these years and in the hard times, and a thought to the people who left too early.
Big Up, long life to the life and above all..... KEEP ON GROOOOVING !!!!

► ALIENDUCH ◄ [ A.C.P.] ►►Mix mental/techno/trance

Dj éclectique de la scène électronique française que l'on ne présente plus, avec à son actif près de 400 soirées en collaboration avec plus de 150 sounds system et associations à travers toute l'Europe depuis fin 1997, fonde en 2015 avec son co-équipier de longue date Acid Concept Production, dont le principal objectif est de faire revivre en Bourgogne puis transmettre à la jeune génération la culture des musiques électronique des années 90 à nos jours.

►FLAV◄ [Cohesion sonore]► ►Mix acid core


✪ [HOUSE] /
✪ [TRANCE] /
►PAF : 5e avant 01h00, 8e après
►SYSTEME SON STEREO MARTIN AUDIO + RCF ▄|▓|▒||̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅█|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅|¬▒|▓|▄ ▄|▓|▒||̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅█|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅|¬▒|▓|▄

Resident advisor / Jondi.fr / Le Bien Public /Rave On

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