Téada & Altan - Lens, France - Cinema Le Prevert


De 20h00 à 23h00

Cinema Le Prevert

Rue De Montceau-Les-Mines
62440 Harnes
A traditional band with a truly worldwide reach, Téada has appeared as a frequent headliner at major music festivals throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, Russia, the Middle East and Australia. Highlights include a 30,000-capacity stadium concert in Brittany, along with performances at Penang World Music Festival in Malaysia, Edmonton Folk Festival in Canada, Harare International Festival of the Arts in Zimbabwe, and Rainforest World Music Festival in Borneo. In 2014, the band performed to 40,000 people during an extensive 7-week tour of Japan / Taiwan, and continue to have a strong touring presence in the United States, where Téada has toured actively since 2001.

Téada are joined on this tour by leading young Irish vocalist, Méabh Begley from West Kerry.

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