How to build your business model like a startup? - International University Of Monaco


De 18h30 à 20h30

International University Of Monaco

10, Av Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco
This is a workshop for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Innovation Enthusiasts. Led by an expert Advisor, participants will learn to capture and evolve a company's business model the way Lean Startups and Agile Enterprises do.

With Thomas Papanikolaou
Thomas is Director and a Principal Advisor at Neos Chronos, a British consulting firm serving senior executives of startups, and large multinational companies. He specializes in strategy, business development, and sales growth. Over the course of his international career, he has generated more than 150 million pounds of revenue for the companies he has worked for. As an advisor/coach/mentor, Thomas has helped over 100 startups progress in their entrepreneurial journey. Thomas lives in Beausoleil, France, and travels to the UK and abroad to work with his clients.

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