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Circuit De Monaco

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2018 Monaco Grand Prix
• Location: Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monaco
• Race start time: 14:00
• Lap record: 1:14.439 (M Schumacher 2004)
• Number of laps: 78
• Circuit Length: 3.340 KM

• Friday 26 May - Practice
• Saturday 27 May – Qualifying
• Sunday 28 May- Race

The Monaco Grand Prix is probably the most iconic race in world motor sport. Set upon the glistening streets of Monte Carlo and with its sumptuous Marina section, Monaco is a Mecca for every F1 enthusiast. Monte Carlo is a thoroughbred driver’s circuit, pushing their motoring skills to the limit. There are a number of tight turns, particularly the first which has witnessed its fair share of crashes over the years. Acceleration and timing are critical due to the, at times, slippy and bumpy surface.

The Monaco Grand Prix is an enthralling spectacle, where everyone wants to be when race weekend explodes into action. If there is one place in the F1 season that you are guaranteed a great party then it has to be Monaco. Whether it is one of the exclusive hotels, the numerous yachts or one of the exclusive nightspots and restaurants, you are assured a night of hedonistic celebrations. Use our vast experience to make sure you are in the most prestigious parties, where all the drivers and celebrities are guaranteed to be.

Monte Carlo is a city of luxury. The Monaco Formula 1 Paddock Club is the perfect package to reflect this ethos, with free-flowing champagne, exquisite cuisine, and a lavishness that makes it the king of Monte Carlo Race Packages. The setting of the race allows you to watch the Grand Prix from the comfort of your hotel balcony. We also literally push the boat out, with an executive yacht moored in the harbor right next to the track, stocked to the brim with the finest food and drink.

Monaco houses some of the foremost 5-star hotels in the world, where you can watch the action from the comfort of your own balcony. The most popular are the Hotel de Paris and the Hermitage in Casino Square and are bases for many A-list stars and F1 drivers. The Monaco F1 Paddock Club reflects the attributes of the City itself: class, elegance and sophistication.

As a VIP you can expect:
• Pit lane walks throughout the weekend
• Access to the Support Paddock
• The finest hospitality and cuisine served throughout the day
• Free flowing Mumm Champagne, vintage wines and all day open bar
• Private entry to the Monte Carlo circuit
• VIP parking (1 x car parking pass for every 10 tickets ordered)
• Complimentary programme and official ear plugs available throughout the weekend

Cost: From £4250 per person for Saturday & Sunday.

We have unrivaled access to many after-race parties, including the best tables and locations at Amber Lounge and Podium Lounge where you will have an opportunity to mix with the F1 drivers and celebrity party-goers.

7th Floor Ermanno Palace:
In our estimation, our Ermanno Palace 7th Floor Suite offers the best possible vantage point of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, with unprecedented views of 70% of the circuit. The suite has a birds-eye view of the starting straight and Beau Rivage, as well as a clear line of sight from the tunnel exit all the way through to Rascasse.

This is in addition to the superlative views of the action-packed first turning. If you want optimum viewing combined with luxury service, then Ermanno Palace hospitality is the option for you.
Guests will enjoy:
• Coffee, tea, breakfast and pastries upon arrival
• Champagne, wines, premium beer, and all other beverages, throughout the day
• A sumptuous hot and cold 3-course gourmet buffet luncheon, served with fine local wines
• Keep abreast of all the action with a giant screen opposite and plasma TV’s in your suite
• An official F1 Program for the event plus ear plugs upon arrival

Cost: £2,250 per person for Saturday & Sunday

3rd Floor Ermanno Palace:
Although not as high as our 7th Floor Ermanno Palace Suite, the 3rd floor still offers comprehensive views of the start line and first corner, as well as a buffet luncheon, drinks galore, and a giant screen to stay up to date with the race. With its birds-eye view over turn 1, the suite is never short of action. Whether it is the thrill of the cars, thundering through turn 1 at the start of the race or the numerous incidents and accidents that occur throughout the weekend, 3rd floor never fails to excite.
Guests will enjoy:
• Coffee, tea and pastries upon arrival
• All day open bar
• A hot and cold buffet luncheon
• Keep abreast of the action with a giant screen opposite and plasma TVs in the suite

Cost: £1,295 per person for Saturday & Sunday

Terrace/Yacht Combo The best of both worlds: spend Saturday on our tri-deck trackside super yacht and experience the speed and skill of Formula 1 drivers as they navigate the tricky chicane, Tabac corner & swimming pool complex. Life does not get more glamorous this, with options to watch qualifying unfold or enjoying a glass of Champagne, whilst basking is the Monaco sunshine. On Sunday watch the race from our 7th Floor Ermanno Palace terrace, in our view the finest location to watch the race in all of Monaco. With over 70% panoramic track views you can keep an eye on your favourite drivers progress and keep up to date with all the track action, whilst enjoying sumptuous hospitality together with fine wines & Champagne.

Choose from any of these combination packages listed below:

• Package 1: Saturday- Yacht Hospitality, Sunday- 7th Floor Ermanno Palace.
Cost: £2,850 per person

• Package 2: Saturday- Yacht Hospitality, Sunday- 3rd Floor Ermanno Palace.
Cost: £1,995 per person

• Package 3: Saturday- 7th Floor Ermanno Palace, Sunday- K Grandstand seat.
Cost: £850 per person

VIP Yacht Hospitality Monte Carlo is one of the best places to experience the spectacle of Formula One; just feel the glamour with our yacht hospitality package. From our luxury tri-deck super yacht moored track side, you can watch the Grand Prix in the most fashionable and luxurious of surroundings. Resplendent hospitality including quality food, open bar and an invite to the exclusive on board party on Friday will make this a truly unforgettable weekend.

Guests will enjoy:
• Delicious canapés
• Exquisite gourmet lunch on Saturday and Sunday
• VIP invitation to Friday night party with open bar and canapes (additional cost £425pp)
• Fully Inclusive bar including champagne, wine, beer and soft drinks
• Trackside view of the race, plus super screen opposite
• Plasma screens inside the yacht, to keep abreast of all the action
Cost: £2,675 per person for Saturday & Sunday.
Thursday & Friday available at additional cost.

Casino Square Hospitality:
We are able to offer a number of VIP Corporate Packages in and around the Casino Square area. Choose from suites in the Hotel de Paris, Hermitage Hotel, Metropole Hotel & Fairmont Hotel.

Garnier Suite, Hotel de Paris:
Enjoy a super care-free weekend in the Garnier Suite of the Hotel de Paris, a beautiful building with exceptional first floor views of the famous Casino Square. Guests will enjoy:
• Overlooking Casino Square
• Access to the Garden Terrace
• Full catering for the entire weekend
• Champagne, fine wine, beers, and soft drinks at the open bar
Cost: £3,695 per person for Saturday & Sunday

Midi Terrace, Hotel Hermitage:
The raised ‘Belvedere’ platform of the Midi Terrace is a prime location to watch the F1 cars thunder up the Beau Rivage hill. With a giant screen directly opposite and a fully stocked bar, the weekend will whizz by in a perfect concoction of Formula One magic, sunshine and luxury.

Guests will enjoy:
• Stunning views over the track and harbour
• Hospitality with full catering
• Open bar, fine wine, beers and soft drinks
• Giant plasma screen directly opposite
Cost: £1,845 per person for Saturday & Sunday

Fairmont Hotel VIP Suite:
Situated in front of the Fairmount hairpin, the VIP suite is a popular choice for its balance between hot racing action and wonderful hospitality.

Guests will enjoy:
• Clear views of the famous Fairmont hairpin turn
• Full catering for the entire weekend
• Champagne, fine wine, beers and soft drinks available in the open bar
Cost: £1,650 per person for Saturday & Sunday

Joel Robuchon Terrace:
Metropole HotelThe Terrace overlooks the long straight into the Mirabeau corner, where high speeds and heavy braking are commonplace.

Guests will enjoy:
• View of the cars as they exit Casino Square
• Full catering for the whole weekend
• Open bar, fine wine, beers and soft drinks

VIP Extra's:
apinkfish have access to all the VIP extras that make a Monaco weekend, just that little bit extra special, these include:
• Friday night Yacht parties, free flowing bar with gourmet canapes, to get your weekend off to a great start.
• Pit Lane walks: Want to feel the excitement of walking the Monaco pit lane? We have access with a guided tour with a former Formula 1 Driver.
• Drinks with current retired F1 Drivers: An informal drinks get together on Friday evening with some well known F1 drivers of today and yesteryear.
• Restaurant Reservations: Are the restaurants telling you they are booked?... Leave it to us to arrange! ;)
Cost: Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Contact us to book your experience of a lifetime: [email protected]

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