13.02 - Hayden Pedigo + guest - L'International


De 20h45 à 23h00


5 Rue Moret
75011 Paris

Sur place : 12€

Pedigo has lived many lives, having been homeschooled in Amarillo, Texas by his truckstop preacher father; run for Amarillo City Council in 2019, aged 25—as documented by Jasmine Stodel’s SXSW-premiering, PBS-acquired film Kid Candidate—and struck up pen-friendships and collaborative partnerships with the likes of Terry Allen, Charles Hayward (This Heat), Werner “Zappi” Diermaier (Faust), and Tim Heidecker. A move south from Amarillo to Lubbock in 2020 put a spark to the powder keg of his creativity. “It’s even more flat, desolate, windy and dirty – like being on Mars,” Pedigo observes. “It’s pushed me to create more because there’s not really much to distract.” The move produced not only The Happiest Times and its predecessor Letting Go, but also an Internet presence that showcases a panoply of ever-more outlandish outfits and an effortless deadpan wit. Both the former and the latter helped parlay him into the fashion world, too, having walked the runway for Gucci and been photographed by Hedi Slimane. After touring with friends and collaborators Jenny Lewis & Devendra Banhart in the US, with a special appearance at Tiny Desk in November, Hayden Pedigo is now ready to present the Happiest Times He's Ever Ignored on his first Euro journey

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