300H Intermediate Level Teacher Training - Flexible Format - Ashtanga Yoga Paris

We are thrilled to offer our 300-hour training to qualify for Yoga Alliance 500 hour trainings. To qualify for this training, you must have a 200-hour training certificate in Ashtanga Yoga (either with us or another school).

We call this training a Flexible Format: you have up to 5 years to complete the hours in qualifying intensive workshops :
- Chuck Miller : Intensive workshop in June 2017 (27,5 qualifying hours)
- Julie Gudmestad : Anatomy workshop in september 2017 (11 qualifying hours)
- Lizzie Lasater : Restorative Yoga workshop in december 2017 (14 qualifying hours)
- Linda Munro & Gerald Dissé :
*Workshop in oct/nov 2017 : The Intermediate series of Ashtanga & The yoga Sutras of Patanjali (46 qualifying hours)
*Holiday workshop in december 2017 : “The Gate-Keepers of Primary Series ~ Going Deeper” (21qualifying hours ~ details to come)
*Workshop in March 2018 : "The Subtle Body – Pranayama, Chakra & Asana" (46 qualifying hours ~ details to come)

The 300+ hour training is based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary and Intermediate series, which gives a solid base to any dynamic asana practice since most forms of contemporary flowing yoga styles, have evolved out of Ashtanga.
During different intensives review key poses and the ‘gate-keepers’ from the primary series and we go over the asanas from the intermediate series; discovering the basic movements which are universal alignment techniques one can apply to all the Ashtanga series, exploring different ways to modify each position with and without props, learning the contraindications for each asana and alternatives to achieve a similar outcome, how to do hands-on adjustments and especially exploring the anatomical understanding to keep each yoga student safe in the poses to encourage a life time practice.

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