4th European Conference "Aniridia, iris and cornea developmental anomalies" - Cisp

Conférence open to health professionnals, to patients and families with aniridia, pathologies of iris and associated syndroms.

Program with 6 session :

- update in genetics in ANIRIDIA
ANIRIDIA with pax6 gène mutations/ deletions
ANIRIDIA with unusual pax6 gène mutations/ deletions
ANIRIDIA with non pax6 gène mutations/ deletions

- systemic disorders associated with ANIRIDIA
How to improve low vision
Sleep disorders associated with ANIRIDIA
Diabets and obesity associated with ANIRIDIA
Corrélation genotypes/ phénotypes

- syndromic ANIRIDIA
Axenfeld-Rieger and ANIRIDIA
Peters Anomaly and ANIRIDIA

- posters session : flash presentation

- ANIRIDIA, ocular surface and cornea rehabilitation
New thérapies : gène therzpy, cellular therapy
Ocular surface
Cornea problems and cornea rehabilitation associated with ANIRIDIA

- patients session

Registration Will open around 11 february 2018.
First ask, first served, first registred du to limited places (200 people).

More information : aniridiaconffrance@gmail.com

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