Adriano (from Villanova) @NO Club Paris - No Club Paris

ADRIANO (from Villanova) @No club Paris all night long !
DOORS OPEN at 00h with MAX YOLIN until 4AM

**Adrien hails from Marseille,France.He's at the head of 3 accomplished acts (Villanova,Forty Fings Dynamo and Adriano).His music has been released on high class labels such as Cocoon or My Favorite Robot.His ability behind decks had him play in different locations.From Space Ibiza to 1Oak New York, he is travelling the world for the past 10 years.His last project is the creation of SERVICE DE NUIT, a booking agency that signs the music prog of cool places around the world (Perchoir in Paris, Cassio in Hong Kong to name a few)

**Villanova :
Fan page :
Soundcloud :

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