Discover Care Experience with Drs. Patricia Belig & Marc Jubelin - The Key Paris


10+ Hours of Additional Online Content
and Increased Practical Hands-On Applications!

Upgrade Your Skill-sets and
Deliver 21st Century Chiropractic!

Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you provide the
highest evolution of Chiropractic care…

The Discover Care Experience will help you gain better understanding of the concept of wellness outcomes, greater mastery of evaluating the spine and nervous systems.

The Discover Care Experience also includes an introduction to the beginning of Level Two of Care – to even further expand your clinical applications and introduce new possibilities.

Help your patients become practice members – A practice member appreciates the body’s self-organizing and regulating systems and understands the value of going beyond maintenance care and on to what has never been possible before!

AT THE Discover Care Experience …

Learn the Epstein theory of Spinal and Neural Integrity, which modulates spinal distortion patterns AND witness how they shift with Network Care!
Understand how segmental distortion and muscular and neural facilitation are reactions to an instability of the central nervous system and learn how to most effectively address this for increased reorganizational stability.
Explore the unique Network Wave and its profound quality of life changing effects.
Find out how a low force introduced at the appropriate Spinal Gateway will assist the brain in better observing the body-mind.
Learn the indicators of adverse spinal cord tension and how to classify these tension patterns – known as the five phases of Adverse Mechanical Spinal Cord Tension – including how they achieve and maintain spinal and neural integrity.
Discover how to apply low force specific contacts to achieve greater somatic and spinal awareness, and its associated initiation of unique organizational strategies linked to increased wellness, heightened life enjoyment and improved spinal and neural integrity.
Network Care is:

Evidence based – we have the research…

Widely acclaimed – we have the testimonials…

Growing fast – join us!

Be part of a passionate and dedicated community of Network practitioners committed to serving their practice – and the world – at the highest level.

Optimize Your Ability to Deliver Better Care Than You Ever Have Before!

Discover how a gentle force application at a specific Spinal Gateway can instantaneously transform a spine and life
Learn how to practically define and measure wellness outcomes through our state of the art spinal analysis method
Experience abundant hands-on practice during the program to gain new skills and apply them in the office Monday morning
Improve a patient’s ability to connect to their body-mind and spontaneously release spinal and body tension
Discover the single most important exercise a client can do to create self-responsibility in healing and trust in the body
Passionately serve and enjoy greater success as you develop a even more fulfilling practice!
See a demonstration of the Network Wave at

Upgrade your patients’ Human Operating Systems for profound and sustainable results.

Increase their abilities to take charge of their lives – to enjoy more self responsibility
Take them to a state beyond where they were right before their presenting symptoms or crisis
Help them develop two unique spinal healing waves
Easily relate patients’ physical, chemical and emotional stressors to their spines
Develop new self-regulating, self-correcting mechanisms within their bodies
Help them develop and recognize a stronger body-mind connection
Assist them with strategies to experience a more flexible “feeling” spine
Allow them to assess their own unique outcomes as they progress through the Levels of Care. Establish very real new strategies with them for living in a challenging and ever-changing world
Who may attend: Chiropractors and chiropractic students. It is required that chiropractic students have completed the first year of school prior to attending a Discover Care Experience.

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