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Leed Course in Dubai 

The LEED Green Associate exam preparation course will give you knowledge of green building practices for both commercial and residential spaces and both new construction and existing buildings.This will broadly cover following:

LEED Process
  • Organization fundamentals
  • Structure of LEED rating systems
  • Scope of each LEED rating system
  • LEED development process
  • Credit categories
  • Impact categories
  • LEED certification process
  • Other rating systems
Integrative Strategies
  • Integrative process
  • Integrative project team members
  • Standards that support LEED
Location and Transportation
  • Site selection
  • Alternative transportation
Sustainable Sites
  • Website assessment
  • Website design and development
Water Efficiency
  • Outdoor water use
  • Indoor water use
  • Water performance management
Energy and Atmosphere
  • Building loadsloads
  • Energy efficiency
  • Alternative and renewable energy practices
  • Energy performance management
  • Environmental concerns
Materials and Resources
  • Reuse
  • Life-cycle impacts
  • Waste
  • Purchasing and declarations
Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Indoor air quality
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Occupying comfort, health, and satisfaction
Project Surroundings and Public Outreach
  • Environmental impacts of the built environment
  • Codes
  • Values of sustainable design
  • Regional design

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