One-hour Meditation Class in English - Appart Quatremain


A 19h00

Appart Quatremain

51, Rue De La Fontaine Au Roi
75011 Paris
Come to our one-hour meditation class in english with Melita!
Meditation is a process of relaxation. Melita teaches how to deeply relax, rise your vibration with this technique, so that you can attract positive things, situations and people in your life, and thereby transform your life.
I wish to teach you how to be more relaxed, focused and awake through the "Law of attraction" technique.

The purpose of this class is to try to be connected. Melita wishes to help people understand and practise meditation techniques.
This class is for people who are ready and who are interested in learning more about the concept of "Low of Attraction" and put it into use in their daily life.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced individual who just wants to share your valuable knowledge with interesting and spirituality advanced people, anyhow you are welcome to join us and to spend quality time with us!

One hour class : 20€
available tickets for this class : 10
Book your meditation class by clicking on the link below!

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