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The Bodhi Tree Studio

731 Hampshire St
62301 Quincy
Why Should I do Chair Chi?
Chair Chi helps us to use our breath as a tool and gain a better understanding of the breath.

It improves our posture by allowing us to focus more on the way we position our body as we strengthen our core and limbs.
Chair Chi can be very relaxing and meditative when we allow ourselves to calm our mind.

Chair Chi can let us clear our heads and refocus our minds on thinks that really matter & help us to alleviate much of the stress that we tend to hold onto daily.

Health Benefits
*Relieves physical affects of stress
*Promotes deep breathing
*Improves lower body and leg strength
*Helps with arthritis pain
*Reduces blood pressure
*Requires mind/body integration through mental imagery
*Accumulates energy by releasing endorphins
*Enhances mental capacity & concentration
*Improves balance & stability
*Improves conditions of Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis & Parkinson’s

Chair chi is a modified version of Thai chi. Thai chi in itself is a martial art. But typically this martial art consists of gentle moving and slow learning time combined with tension.... results in a huge effect on our healing!

Since we're in a chair, it makes it more accessible for all participants no matter the skill level. It brings balance and control over your muscles. More self awareness.

We focus on how to use your breath to control and do away with a lot of stress! Chair chi helps bring stronger coordination and more Self appreciation. You can't get tired you're already sitting down!

$12 Drop in
Punch cards- 5/$50 and 10/$90

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