Goldzone Relationship Week - Vacation-Seminar - Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

Inspire, Renew, Play & Learn

Most highly successful people would agree that their primary relationship is one of the most important areas of life – and yet few people take the time to nurture, connect, and renew their relationship.

Singles often don’t take the time to manifest the relationship of their dreams, bouncing from one person to another.

This Vacation-Seminar is designed to provide you with inspiration, renewal, increased relationship skills, knowledge, understanding and an experience of connected sexuality. It will deepen your relationship, yet provide plenty of vacation/playtime.

Escape the cares of everyday life… Infuse your life with PASSION,

Join us, along with a small intimate group, for a relationship Vacation-Seminar in Paris. The seminar venue includes classic and romantic hotels located in the center of one of the world’s most beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated cities. You will experience the real Paris, it’s people, architecture, style, and extraordinary spiritual, connecting, and romantic atmosphere.

For couples and singles...

Your Vacation-Seminar Curriculum Includes:

> Deepen passion, commitment, and liveness
> Fall deeply in love and maintain the experience
> Increase generosity and appreciation
> Improved communication skills
> Overcome the fears and defenses that block intimacy
> Use conflict to create greater understanding
> Release the creativity of each partner
> Resolve struggles for control
> More joyous sexuality
> Learn to use relationship as a tool for personal transformation
> Discover the humor, playfulness, and fun in your partner
> Fully understand the principles of masculinity and femininity
> Learn how to transform your bedroom into a boudoir
> Understand the connection between sex and money
> Learn to create a romantic environment, anytime, anywhere



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