« The Whole Life - Increase Your Wellness » with Natalie Kent - Paris Yoga Shala


De 14h45 à 16h00

Paris Yoga Shala

9 Rue Magellan
75008 Paris
Special class « The Whole Life - Increase Your Wellness » with Natalie Kent.

Every new year feels like a new beginning but how do we maintain the momentum and keep healthy habits throughout the year?

Join Natalie Kent from the Whole Life for this special workshop where you will learn small, healthy practical changes that you can take home and add to your daily lives. These small changes will lead to an overall healthier year.

* How to cook and prepare plant-based meals that even your kids will enjoy.
* Learn the diferent food groups and what to include to make a healthy plate.
* Healthy morning rituals to start your day the right way.
* Delicious and simple healthy snacks you can prepare in 15 minutes and enjoy before and/or after a yoga class.
* Simple ways tomake your house more eco.
* Leave inspired and ready to take on 2018 and revamp your life.

Natalie loves to share her tips on how to live a healthier and more sustainable life. Bring a notebook and pen with you and as a Thank you, you will leave with packet of Energy Balls to start you on your way for a healthy and mindful 2018.

The journey awaits..

Natalie is a plant-based chef and wellness coach in Paris with her company The Whole Life. Her mission is to teach others how toe at delicious, easy and energising plant-based meals with focus on living mindfully in our daily practices not just for ourselves but also for our family, home and planet. Natalie has been featured in Elle.com, Men’s Fitness and Well&Good, sharing her recipes and talking all things Wellness.

Opened to all. / In english.

Tarif : 25 euros or 1 ticket des carnets de cours.

Reservations necessary.

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